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Indian Fashion Designers are most popular for producing conventional Indian clothing, however over the last few years Indian Designers have been creating contemporary styled clothes, including Tunics.

Tunics are loose tops incredibly popular in the Middle East and amongst Western customers, because they are comfortable and at the very same time depending on the shape, can be really lovely. Tunics created from rich materials featuring lovely embroidered specifying by leading Indian fashion designers are demanded because they are very special.

Indian Designers develop all types and sort of Tunics, some function comprehensive embroidered while others play on the materials and the subtle specifying on the fabrics. In this article, we highlight some of the best Indian Designers for Contemporary tunics.

Rajesh Pratap Singh

STYLING: Contemporary Indian Tunics do not get more contemporary than the ones developed by Rajesh Pratap Singh. His styling is classy and for a positive woman that is trying to find a piece that is complimentary to her looks. This Indian Designer has been called the International face of Indian Contemporary Fashion sometimes for a reason.

WATCH OUT FOR: Subtle specifying and lovely play on fabrics making use of subtle detailing like covered buttons and faggotting. The Contemporary tunics are amongst the most elegantly crafted.

Neeru Kumar.

STYLING: Elegant and easy are the keywords for Neeru Kumar. The modern Indian tunics are developed using luxurious materials and minimalistic outlining like area sequins. Neeru Kumar is an extremely distinguished designer that is understood for her strength to use fabrics and materials in a sophisticated and excellent fashion.

LOOK OUT FOR: Textiles that are going to impress. The prints, colours and silhouettes of modern tunics created by Neeru Kumar are gorgeous and stylish.


Abraham & Thakore.

STYLING: Contemporary, Contemporary and Contemporary. Abraham & Thakore create gorgeous contemporary Indian tunics that never fail to impress. The outlining is subtle and covert, the fabrics are glamorous and the overall look is chic.

WATCH OUT FOR: Parisian chic styling on glamorous fabrics including outlining through mom of pearl or subtle embroidery. The contemporary tunics developed by this designer duo are sophisticated in any setting or geography.


Siddartha Tytler

STYLING: Contemporary Indian Tunics outlined with sequins and embroidered specificing is the forte of Indian Designer Siddartha Tytler. The design perceptiveness are going to be perfect for a confident woman who is not afraid to be the centre of attention as she walks into a space.

Keep An Eye Out For: Modern specifying, flattering shapes and a healthy dosage of zest. Contemporary tunics in fitted designs are trademark for this Delhi based designer.

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